2023 Homecoming

The Chamber is excited to announce the theme for this year’s Homecoming! The theme is: DECADES!

Decorate your float, store fronts and yourselves as your favorite decade.  Our hope is that the class reunion folks will be excited to dress up in the garb from their graduating decades, which will entice them to participate more fully in the themes to come.  It would be easy for store owners and volunteers to throw on a hoop skirt or pump themselves full of hairspray.  Also, for the people who don’t like dressing up they could just wear a white t-shirt and jeans and still be a part of the fun!

If you would like to become a part of the Chamber’s Homecoming Committee, you can send us an email at: info@pushcochamber.com. We will send you all the details that were discussed in the first meeting as well as send you any information about meetings to come. This is a Community Event and we would love everyone who can to be involved. We have a lot of fun activities planned!

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