APRIL 2023



Random Shenanigans is owned and operated by Krysten Smith.

Krysten Smith of Random Shenanigans never dreamed of having her own craft store.  As a child, she worked the family business back in Anadarko with her father, mother and six siblings.  She’s never been a stranger to hard work and entrepreneurship.  In her personal life, she trains and competes in powerlifting and strongman competitions.  Krysten even won the National Powerlifting Competition in 2021!  She has five kids and a husband who is an Army Veteran.  He works for the Family Medical Center in Clayton.  About a year after she moved to Antlers, she ventured into a Bearcat PTO meeting looking for a place to start becoming involved in her new Community.  A Little League football event was coming up and she was asked to help decorate.  Luckily, Krysten had spent a lot of her down time the year prior becoming quite crafty with balloons and decorative arches so she was prepared.  The decorations were a hit and from then on she had people asking her to do the same for their personal events.  Birthdays, baby showers, you name it and she could decorate it.  Along with balloons, she constructed her own lighted lettering which became very popular.  After offering her services for free but still being paid anyway, Krysten saw a new business opportunity. Word got around about her quality work and as more project requests came in she decided to register her new business: Krysten’s Crafts.  People started asking her for crafted items that she had never attempted, but Krysten accepted every challenge and rose to the occasion.  Only a month into this new business venture, she was contacted about a shop space in downtown Antlers.  She moved her operation in, cleaned up the place and opened up Random Shenanigans.  The building did not adopt her business’s namesake because she wanted the shop to be vendor friendly; to invite other businesses in and allow them to sell their products alongside hers.  Currently, there are three vendors selling their wares inside Random Shenanigans:  Mama’s Country Bumpkins, which sells wallets, knives, purses and other such goods, Sisters by the Moon, which sells luxurious, hand crafted candles and Saiyan Prints who create 3D printed products.   Krysten’s Crafts offer a variety of different products including personalized cups and other attire, stuffed animals inside balloons, sentimental memorial pieces, balloon arches and rentable large, lighted lettering.  Her prices depend on the material used and everything is customizable.  If you need a crafty project done, she can figure out how to do it!  In her “free time,” the Random Shenanigans owner volunteers as a Board Member and coach for the Antlers Little League, Board Member and coach for Antlers girls wrestling (although she took this year off), Antlers KYI Baseball Commissioner and also serves as the Vice President for the Bearcat PTO.  If someone in the Community needs something done, they can come to Krysten and have confidence knowing that the task will get done with love, care and diligence.  So, the next time you are looking for a crafted wallet or candle, needing custom shirts made for a family reunion or even if you are looking for a place to sell your own products, Random Shenanigans is the place to go.

To rent the large, lighted lettering: $75 a day, delivery included within 20 miles.

To become a vendor, speak to Krysten Smith.  She requires a small commission.


Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Saturday & Sunday : Closed