April 2023 – Minutes

April 18, 2023 12:00 noon

Regular Board Meeting

  1.  Call meeting to order by Stephanie Miller.
  2. Invocation
  3. Roll Call:  Stephanie Miller, Jana Wallace, Marla Marcum, Sally Abernathy, Amanda Young, Sequina Hunter, Robert Matcham, Amber Duncan, Savannah Merck, Mike and Laura Taylor, Jeff Lucas.  Trina Lowe attended via zoom.
  4. Approval of March Minutes – Marla made motion, 2nd by Jana. Passed.
  5. Treasurer’s Report – bank account activity presented by Robert Matcham.
    • City has paid $5,000 for chamber salary.
    • Gather membership may have gotten mixed in with the banquet funds.  Trina will send Bob a copy of the check for clarification.

Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report made by Savannah; 2nd by Jana. Passed.

  •  Review of Strategic Planning Documents
  • Approval of documents, including by-laws, tabled for next meeting because there were issues with getting them emailed for review.
  • Board work day also tabled in the absence of Arlinda. Consensus is that everyone will be too busy until July anyway.
  • Logo needs done as soon as possible so that we can have stickers made for business members to display.
  • Updates/Reports
  • Financial Report – presented by Robert
  • There was at least one check from the banquet marked “donation” that was for seats to the banquet.  Robert is doing his best to make educated guesses to correctly identify how funds need to be appropriately marked.
  • Jana and Stephanie designate one lunch hour per week going to businesses for new memberships.

Trina made the motion to approve Financial Report. Marla 2nd.  Passed.

  • Business Development Report
  • Website looks great!
  • Ribbon cutting went well for Good Crops.  Carter Collective’s ribbon cutting is set for May 1.
  • Blue Ivy’s ribbon cutting has had to be postponed due to inventory issues. No date has been set.
  • Business Spotlight – going to do 2 this month, focusing on businesses that have been long established here – Pruett’s and K Ray’s. 
  • Legislative Report
  • Choctaw’s will be leasing office #2.  Sequina has a small business grant that will be used for getting that space in working order for her.
  • Tourism/Community
  • PTO requests help May 11 for Field Day.  They need people to run different booths if we can send anyone over for the day.
  • Homecoming – We need to send members to the Fair Board meeting, May 1, at 6 pm to ask about reserving fair barn as well as the cost for rental.

Also, Amanda wants to do a cake walk and so we need to find people willing to make baked goods.

  • Trade Days – Vendors must either sell under an existing business’s permit or go to City Hall to pay $10 occupation tax.
  • Antler’s Library “Bridges Out of Poverty” training – tabled until more information is available.
  • Grant / Beautification

Plans for Earth Day – Replace dead/dying Crepe Myrtles in Big People’s Park.

Could plant Almond trees instead.

  • New Business

Jeff Lucas, from AMS presented a proposal for Side-by-Side tourism. (See attached)

He has lots of event ideas, but is looking for available locations to put these events on. We will send his presentation out to members to see if anyone knows of available land for side-by-side events.

We will also try to find members who would be willing to be on an ATV Tourism committee to help him get rolling.

Motion to Adjourn

Made by Jana Wallace; 2nd by Sequina Hunter, with all in favor.