When you speak to small businesses about their local chamber, the businesses that have let their memberships lapse often make it sound like a gym membership. “I didn’t really use it.” What they’re missing when they make comments like that is the behind-the-scenes benefits of chamber membership. Just as your investment grows in a savings account in a bank, your business investment in your chamber membership is growing even when you aren’t actively participating. Here’s what you’re getting that you may not even realize:  

7 Ways a Chamber Membership Is Always Working for You


Even if you never attend a single event, the chamber is advocating for the needs of business. We work with local, state, and federal governments to influence policies and regulations that impact businesses. This advocacy often leads to favorable business conditions, tax incentives, and regulatory changes that benefit businesses without the members having to actively lobby for them. Chambers are also instrumental in protecting businesses from harmful legislation and “job killers.”   This advocacy is occurring behind the scenes, but you will get more out of it if you work with the chamber in promoting your own voice and industry/business needs.  

Economic Development

Chambers are typically involved in initiatives to promote economic growth within their communities. We are actively working on growing new businesses, fostering innovation, and improving infrastructure. As a result, businesses within Push County can experience increased economic opportunities and growth even if they’re not directly involved.  

Educational Resources

Our Chamber is beginning to offer valuable educational resources and workshops on topics like business management, marketing, and human resources. Members can benefit from these resources to improve their skills and knowledge, ultimately enhancing their business operations.   Even if you never attend a single session, chamber membership (and thus, the learning opportunities associated with such) extends to all your employees. The chamber is also a great host for speakers, and we will bring in people to share their knowledge and skills for a very affordable price, an additional asset to the community.  

Marketing and Promotion

We regularly promote our members through directories, websites, social media, and community events. This exposure can boost a business’s visibility and reputation, attracting potential customers or clients who might not have discovered the business otherwise.  

Community Engagement

Chambers of commerce play a vital role in fostering a sense of community and social responsibility among businesses. We often support local charitable causes, events, and community development projects. When a business is part of the Push County Chamber, it indirectly contributes to these efforts, enhancing the overall quality of life in the area and potentially improving its reputation.  


As our Chamber grows, we would like to offer tourists helpful guides, brochures, and maps about the local attractions, restaurants, accommodations, and activities. We want to serve as valuable resources for tourists and encourage them to explore the area, thus boosting local businesses.   Additionally, we work to promote the unique attractions, events, and experiences available in Push County. This marketing effort results in increased visitor numbers, leading to more revenue for businesses.  

Infrastructure and Grants

We often advocate for improved infrastructure, such as better transportation options, the development of tourist-friendly amenities, and the preservation of natural resources and historical landmarks. These efforts can enhance the overall visitor and resident experience, making the area more attractive to tourists, relocating businesses, and resident retention, while boosting local commerce.  

We also get involved with bringing money into the area for quality-of-life projects through grants and other forms of funding. We act as a bridge between groups and bring leaders of all areas together for the betterment (and funding) of the community.  

Chambers of commerce provide a range of benefits to businesses beyond what may be immediately apparent. Even if you don’t have the time to give to chamber membership activities, we are working on things like advocacy, economic development, marketing, community engagement, and tourism initiatives to improve your quality of life and add to your business’s potential for growth. The Push County Chamber works tirelessly to create a more favorable business environment, helping their members thrive without requiring them to take individual action on these fronts.