MARCH 2023



The Midnight Bakery is owned by Lacey & Donnie Gregg with Head Baker Melody Gresham and employee Shannon Wing.

This bakery started off in the humble kitchen of Melody Gresham. After cooking and decorating baked goods on her own, the demand for her creations outgrew her single-oven home. Partnering up with her sister and brother in law, Lacey and Donnie Gregg, they started the business known as The Midnight Bakery & Sweets. Lacey had been a hairdresser for seventeen years and was ready for a change. She wanted to start something that allowed her family to become more involved. Opening day was set on June 9th, 2019 but some members of the community asked them for a “soft” opening the day before. They wanted to enjoy ladies night at Antlers’ new bakery. On June 8th, The Midnight Bakery was overwhelmed with support not only from those having a night for the ladies, but from countless Antlers patrons lined out the door. They sold out of the products meant for opening day and Melody stayed up through the night to make sure the bakery had products for the next day. Lacey and Melody were encouraged by all of the community support and enthusiasm. Since then, the Midnight Bakery has flourished into a thriving local business. They enjoy being a place people come for birthday parties and wedding ceremonies. Their custom baked goods are a hit for all kinds of events. Having donated considerably to schools, churches and other organizations, The Midnight Bakery strives to be involved in the community whenever they can. Being family owned and operated, Lacey has been able to spend more time with her 3 children and 2 grandchildren, just as she had hoped. Melody and Lacey’s love for creation spills over in their free time as well. The two love to paint and showcase their skills on their bakery’s windows, at the delight of anyone who ventures past their storefront. Passersby also get a kick out of the quirky and sometimes cheeky messages posted on the message board out front. Holidays are a big deal for The Midnight Bakery. It is a chance for Melody and Lacey to engage all of their interests and offer up their creations to Antlers. These two women are an inspiration and a delight to visit with. So, if you have a sweet tooth, are in need of some baked goods for your upcoming event or just want to treat yourself, stop in at The Midnight Bakery. You will not be disappointed. They even offer Keto options and sugar free brownies!


Monday : Closed   Tuesday-Friday : 9:00am – 5:00pm   Saturday : 8:00am – 12:00pm  Sunday : Closed