February 2023 – Minutes

Meeting Minutes

February 21, 2023 12:00 noon

Regular Board Meeting

  1. Call meeting to order by Stephanie Miller.
  2. Invocation
  3. Roll Call: Stephanie Miller, Mike Taylor, Laura Taylor, Bob Matcham, Sally Abernathy, Amber Duncan, Butch Morris, Cindy Logan, Trina Lowe, Brandi Dean, Bobbye Jean Carter. Shawnda Cox, Marla Marcum and Clark Leforce attended via Zoom.
  4. Approval of January Minutes – Trina Lowe made the motion to approve, 2nd by Amber Duncan, all voted in favor, none opposed.
  5. Treasurer’s Report – bank account activity presented by Bob Matcham, Mentioned the need to contact unpaid members. Farm Bureau’s payment needs to be reviewed and corrected. Motion made to approve report was made by Trina Lowe, 2nd by Mike Taylor, all voted in favor, none opposed.
  6. Updates/Reports
    1. Financial/ Fundraising
  • Purse raffle profit was $1,040, once Amber gets reimbursed for cost of purse.
  • Trina Lowe presented update on Annual Banquet. Roma’s will cater. We need to pick which dishes at least two weeks in advance. Trina will email board with food option decisions for approval .Rental agreement of $200 for the Gather signed by Stephanie Miller. Trina bought a lighted sign for $178 to be used both at the banquet and in the office afterwards. A balloon arch will cost $50. Speaker ideas include Joey Tom and JJ Humphrys. Mike will contact Joey Tom as first choice. Mike will make tickets to sell as tables and singles. Alcohol tickets included in the price of the ticket. Trina will contact Able Commission for event permit. We will also need to get a special exception from city council to serve liquor there. Brandi will contact members to vote on awards using Survey Monkey. Trina will contact Amy Joslin for plaques. There are several people we need to recognize for their support of the chamber.
  • Brandi Dean presented updates on the circus. She feels confident that she can handle the workload without the help of a committee. She has a lot of promotional material to use in the advertisement of the circus. Store locations with tickets are Sharpes, Pruett’s, the Heritage Center, and the chamber office. She would like them available at more locations.
  1. Business Development/Promotion/Leadership
  • Formation of IT committee – members to be Marla and Paul Marcum, Brandi Dean with Jana Wallace as the chair.
  • We need to do better with the Business of the Month. We will start with the Midnight Bakery being highlighted in March.
  • Branding of the Chamber – Brandi presented new logo ideas. We need to get stickers/window decals for members.
  1.  Legislative/Government
    Field Rep for Senator Mullins called to see if they could be of service in any way. Consensus is that we would like to pursue approaching the Choctaws for the speaking opportunity at the banquet first.
  1. Tourism/Community
    There needs to a committee for Grants. We need to contact members who may be helpful or have interest in that area.

  VII. Other Business

  1. Board seat vacancy to be filled by Cindy Logan. Butch Morris will serve as ex-officio. Mike Taylor made the motion, 2nd by Amber Duncan. All in favor.
  2. Mike Taylor made the motion to reimburse Amber $440 for the price of the purse as well as Trina Lowe $178 for the price of the lighted sign.  Sally Abernathy 2nd. Motions passed with none opposed. Mike Taylor made the motion to approve payment of the rental agreement to the Gather for $200. Cindy Logan 2nd. Motion passed with none opposed.

 VIII. New Business

  1. Stephanie presented the idea of having local artists showcase and offer their works for sale at the office. We can involve school shop class and/or youth organizations to help paint and build shelving needed in the office.
  2. 3rd Annual Steak Cook-off is September 9 and 10. City needs help from the chamber in getting sponsors to help with the cost of the steaks. We can have tiered levels of sponsorship with signs and banners promoting each sponsor’s business.
  3. We need to be mindful that the gun show and the circus will have some overlap. Mike will talk to the officers about security for the vendors needing to set up early.

Motion to adjourn by Mike Taylor, 2nd by Trina Lowe, with all in favor, none opposed.