Registration will be open through June 14th.

  • This will allow us to accommodate for any late entries when we consider the layout of artwork displays prior to the Art Show.
  • Text, email or drop off registration forms.
    • Text photo of registration form to Victoria’s cell phone.
    • Email registration form to either Chamber or Victoria’s email.
    • Drop off to Chamber office (will check with Chamber daily for registration forms to pick up)
  • 18 & up: $5.00 registration fee (includes first entry for one category) + $2 per additional entry. Under 18: FREE
    • Charging a registration fee for the adult categories will help to contribute to next year’s Art Show (better prizes, displays and/or additional amenities for the Art Show, such as refreshments or activities).
  • Artists will be responsible for transporting their artwork to and from the Art Show. Artwork will be submitted and checked in on the day of the Art Show.
    • This helps to relieve the Chamber of any risk in transporting and/or misplacing potentially valuable art pieces, since the Art Show is off-site from the Chamber office this year.


Categories for artwork

  • Oils – Watercolors – Acrylic – Color Pencil – Leather – Pottery – Wood – Sculpture – Photography – Other (Homecoming Themed – Decades)

Art Show setup will begin at 8:30 AM

  • Art Show volunteers will designate spots for artwork and set up check-in/check-out tables during this time. Each spot will be indicated by the registration number assigned for each artwork when it is registered.

Artwork check-in will begin at 10 AM.

  • When submitting artwork, an index card with artist information (name, contact number and registration number), category, place awarded (if applicable, for after judging) and whether available for purchase will be attached to the back of the artwork. This will serve as an easy reference for judging, awarding, and retrieving artwork.
  • If paper or photo artwork, we will recommend that the artist have a hard backing inserted and sealed in clear plastic, along with the artwork to help protect it during the Art Show. It will also help us to display the artwork if we are able to obtain easels to showcase artwork.

The Art Show viewing will be 10 AM – 4 PM. Judging will take place at 2:00 PM, with prizes awarded at 3:00 PM.

  • Victoria can print off basic suggestions/guidelines for judges that may not have experience with judging artwork. They do not have to use this but might find it helpful.

If artwork is available for purchase, artists must provide a valid contact number for interested parties to contact them.

  • May recommend the artist provide a business card when checking in the day of the Art Show for us to put on display with their artwork.

Artwork can be picked up beginning at 4 PM. The artist or person retrieving the artwork MUST checkout with the Art Show volunteers to verify their registration number BEFORE obtaining their artwork and receiving their prize.

  • If anyone other than the artist may be retrieving the artwork after the Art Show, they will need to list any other names authorized to pick up their artwork on their registration form.
  • This is to ensure that no one walks off with artwork that isn’t supposed to.


Duties will include:

  • checking in/out artwork
  • setting up before check-in
  • assisting with questions about artwork
  • make sure nobody tries to walk off with artwork

Please contact the Chamber if you are interested.