March 2023 – Minutes

March 21, 2023 12:00 noon

Regular Board Meeting

  • Call meeting to order by Stephanie Miller.
  • Invocation
  • Roll Call: Stephanie Miller, Mike Taylor, Laura Taylor, Bob Matcham, Sally Abernathy, Butch Morris, Brandi Dean, Marla Marcum, Amanda Young, Arlinda Durst, Savannah Merck. Janna Wallace attended via phone. Also in attendance – Sequina Hunter, Kristina Shrader, Betty Bailey, Cynthia and Karl Leager.
  • Approval of February Minutes – Mike made the motion to approve, 2nd by Savannah, all voted in favor, none opposed.
  • Treasurer’s Report – bank account activity presented by Bob Matcham, He presented the full revised member list as well as a financial summary of current projects (see attached). Motion made to approve report was made by Mike, 2nd by Savannah, all voted in favor, none opposed.
  • Review and Approval of Strategic Planning Documents and Action Plan
    • Arlinda presented the revised by-laws to be reviewed by members and voted on at next meeting. Documents up for approval today include
      • new Membership Profile Application – motion to approve by Savannah, 2nd by Mike, passed.
      • Member Benefits Document – motion to approve made by Mike, 2nd by Savannah, passed.
    • Brandi presented the new logo and color scheme that was voted on by email. It will be used on previously voted on documents.
    • A date needs to be set for Board Retreat to finalize our Action Plan. We will need at least 2 hours for this event. An email will be sent out to nail down date and time.
  • Updates/Reports
    • Financial/ Fundraising
  • Savannah presented Signature Authorities for bank account. Authorized signers suggested are current President, Vice-President, and Treasurer. Bob mentioned that physical checks are rarely used. There have been problems with using a debit card in the past, so that is not a better option. He uses Bill Pay now through the bank. Changes will need to be addressed in new by-laws. Savannah mad the motion to accept the above mentioned as approved signers, Marla 2nd. Motion passed.
  • Robert presented that First Bank is going to start contributing

$250/month to the chamber, with the first donation already deposited.

  • Stephanie moved to accept the Financial Report. Savannah 2nd. Motion Passed.
  • Business Development/Promotion/Leadership
  • Upcoming ribbon cutting for Carter Collective will be May 1 at noon.
  • Business of the Month – Random Shenanigans
  • We need to get stickers/window decals for members with the new logo. Random Shenanigans can make them.
  • Arlinda can get banners made with the new logo as well.
  • The trailer needs a face-lift, new paint at least before Homecoming.
  • Trina sent an email with a list of things that need to be done for the banquet. Each member will respond with how they can help.
  • We will sell any unused gun raffle tickets at the banquet.
  • Pens for the speakers will cost $50 each plus $10 if we want a case. Someone needs to be available to pick them up Thursday if Arlinda will be out of town. Savannah made the motion to buy the pens with cases. Stephanie 2nd. Motion passed.
  • Mike made the motion to approve Business Development/ Promotion Report. Savannah 2nd. Motion passed.
  • Legislative/Government

JJ Humphreys will be at the banquet. Arlinda will call Senator Bullard with an invitation.

  • Tourism/Community
  1. Clark has a packet for homecoming that has been used in the past. We need a chair for Homecoming committee. Stephanie nominated Amanda Young, who accepted. Homecoming committee meeting date and time will be sent out in email and whover is interested in being on the committee can go. Brandi will send out a email to members for theme ideas, which will be decided at that meeting.
  2. Trade Days needs a chair. Stephanie nominates Betty Bailey, who agrees.
  • Other Business
    • Cindy Logan is unable to serve on board due to health issues and so has resigned. She will serve along with Butch Morris as ex-officio. Stephanie recommends Sequina as her replacement. Mike Taylor made the motion to accept her, 2nd by Marla. All in favor.
    • Bob received a letter from phone company stating that updates are needed for us to retain service. He is given approval to make the necessary changes.
    • A special board meeting is needed to discuss water damage.
    • Choctaws are interested in renting office space that we have available.
  • Motion to adjourn by Mike Taylor, 2nd by Savannah, with all in favor, none opposed.