May 2023 – Minutes

May 16, 2023 12:00 noon

Regular Board Meeting

  1.  Call meeting to order by Stephanie Miller.
  2. Invocation
  3. Roll Call:  Stephanie Miller, Jana Wallace, Marla Marcum, Sally Abernathy, Amanda Young, Amber Duncan, Shawnda Cox, Mike and Laura Taylor, Jeff Lucas, Trina Lowe, Brandi Dean, Butch Morris, Tori Palmer, Arlinda Durst, Bobbye Jean Carter.  Clark Leforce attended via zoom. Robert Matchum came in later.
  4. Approval of April Minutes – Amber made motion, 2nd by Jana. Passed.
  5. Treasurer’s Report –Robert Matcham wasn’t present at the time to give report, but the bank statement was available for review.
  6. JM Laser payment has not been able to be processed electronically. Bob will hand deliver payment to her.

Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report made by Trina; 2nd by Shawnda. Passed.

  •  Strategic Planning and Action Plan
  • Board Retreat date set for June 6, from 5-7 pm, here at the chamber.
  • Logo voted on. Brandi will adjust size of font for use on letterhead and signage.  Minor adjustments can be made to logo for use on hats and shirts.

Brandi has approval to purchase rights for graphics used.

Motion to approve Strategic Planning items discussed made by Mike; 2nd by Shawnda.  Passed.

  • Updates/Reports
  • Financial Report
  • New Members – Brandi needs to be kept updated as we recruit new members, not just at monthly meeting. We also need to make sure that applications and dues are getting turned in when they sign up.
  • Bartering memberships makes bookkeeping more difficult. From now on, members will pay their dues and we will pay for their services.  Arlinda will add this to the by-laws.

Janna made the motion to approve Financial Report. Shawnda 2nd.  Passed.

  • Business Development Report
  • Ribbon cutting for Blue Ivy is set for May 20, at 10 am. Bobbye will take pictures for the paper, since no one from the paper will be available that day.
  • Business Spotlight – Pruitt’s- Mike Woods will be the contact for their write-up.
  • Random Shenanigans can do the stickers this time, but they are selling the business.  Amanda will contact Cody Rodenberger to see if he would be interested in making them.
  • Non-members – Brandi has a list of local non-member businesses we could split up and contact for memberships.
  • The Facebook page is not only used to promote members, but community events as well as promoting businesses that we are trying to win back. We should be making efforts to those the chamber has let down in the past and prove our commitment to serving them well going forward.
  • Legislative Report
  • Town Hall meeting with local elected officials will be at Gather on June 2, at 10 am.  We will need to help host and advertise this event to make it a success. Shawnda has volunteered to put it on Facebook live for those who cannot attend.
  • Tourism Authority Board – The county is trying to set up a Tourism Board and occupancy tax proposal that would help pay for local tourism items, as well as water infrastructure, the fair barn, and ambulance service.  Board will consist of two representatives from each district and a chamber of commerce member.  Shawnda proposed the chamber’s seat on the board should be permanent and she is willing to fill the seat for the first term.  Marla 2nd.  Passed.

Motion made by Mike Taylor to approve legislative report items; Amanda 2nd. Passed

  • Tourism/Community
  • New member Tori Palmer requests a ribbon cutting on August 12, at 11 am.
  • Homecoming – see attached sheet for specific updates on each event.  Amanda requests more volunteers from members to help set up and man stations during the events. Brandi will get a sign-up sheet made for the next meeting, which will be May 22, at 6.  Everything needs to be finalized at this meeting so we can run ads on the radio.  Prize sponsorship spots that are still open will be advertised on Facebook to get filled.
  • Trade Days – Last Saturday was a success with most customers coming in from out of town. We have seen the areas that need improving, like having more vendors at the train depot to draw customers, or moving those vendors to partnering businesses.
  • Ladies Night Out will be May 23.
  • Grant / Beautification

No Report

  • New Business

No new business.

  1. Motion to Adjourn

Made by Stephanie; 2nd by Mike, with all in favor.