National Historic Sites & Museums

The following sites in Pushmataha County are listed on the National Register of Historic Places:

A significant historical site is also located atop Big Mountain, north of Moyers and east of Kosoma. During World War II two aircraft flown by British pilots from a Royal Air Force base in Texas crashed in poor weather into White Rock Mountain and Big Mountain, killing four crewmen. In 2000 the AT6 Monument was dedicated in their memory at the crash site on Big Mountain, to international acclaim.


Pushmataha County Historical Society Museum – Frisco Depot

119 W Main St, Antlers, OK 74523


Get a taste of turn of the century life at the Pushmataha County Historical Society Museum in Antlers, Oklahoma. The building itself, the historic Frisco Depot, is a fascinating relic from the golden age of railroad travel. It is also a poignant reminder of the effects of segregation and the racial inequality of the time with its separate waiting rooms and bathrooms.  

Among the many artifacts housed in the Pushmataha County Historical Society Museum is a unique, large-sized wall map, published in the early 1900s with markers for many villages, schools and train stations that have long since disappeared. The museum also houses a research library with an impressive collection of historical documents, unpublished manuscripts, historic photographs and a complete microfilm collection of every county newspaper since January 1900. Plan a trip to Antlers and learn more about the fascinating history of Pushmataha County at this one of a kind museum.

Information source is Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department.




Choctaw Nation Museum

Council House Road, Tuskahoma, OK, United States, Oklahoma

(855) 569-4465

The Choctaw Capitol Museum is located in the Choctaw Capitol Building on the Tvska Homma grounds (Between Clayton and Talihina). The impressive red-brick structure was built in 1884 and served as the Capitol of the Choctaw Nation until 1907. Today, it is on the National Register of Historic Places. Choctaw Nation Tribal Court is still held here.

The Museum features displays on Choctaw history before European contact, the Trail of Tears, Choctaw life in Oklahoma, the Lighthorsemen, the Choctaw Code Talkers, Choctaw basketry, a gift shop selling Choctaw-made artwork, and much more.

Wildlife Heritage Center Museum

610 SW D St, Antlers, OK 74523

(580) 298-9933

The Wildlife Heritage Center Museum in Antlers is an interactive wildlife learning center housed in a 3,100 sq ft log cabin museum. Come to this local museum to learn about the rich natural resources and abundant wildlife in southeast Oklahoma. Browse through the “Our Hunting Heritage” historic photo display featuring historic hunting and fishing photographs and artifacts from the area.

Visitors can also check out the museum’s static displays of black bears, whitetail deer and wild turkey or bring the kids for hands-on activities. Both adults and children alike will enjoy the live whitetail deer and fallow deer exhibits located adjacent to the facility. Workshops, from birding to basket-making, are also available.