Parade Floats : FROM NOW TIL JUNE 16TH

Duties will include: helping local businesses create Homecoming Parade Floats to enter into the contest. Community Service hours can be awarded to High School students, as well as a Letter of Recommendation.

Car Cruise : June 16th

Head : TBD

Duties will include: finding, contacting and organizing a group of car enthusiasts to meet at a certain point in Antlers, follow a path through Antlers and ending at the Fair Grounds.

Friday Night Karaoke : June 16th

Duties will include: Keeping an eye on things, making sure everything goes smoothly. Represent the Chamber.

Art Show : June 17th

Head : Victoria Kelley

Duties will include: checking in/checking out artwork, setting up before check-in,

assisting with questions about artwork and making sure that no one tries to walk off with artwork.

Dunking Booth : June 17th

Head : TBD

Duties will include: running the dunking booth, collecting money, sitting in the dunking booth to be dunked (for an hour or half hour at a time).

Chamber T-Shirt Booth : June 17th

Duties will include: setting up booth, selling t-shirts and collecting money. Can have allotted time slots.