Spring is in full swing and the flowers are blooming! The Antlers’ Garden Club and the Chamber will be sponsoring another season for the Yard of the Month. We are accepting nominations until the second Monday of each month. Judging takes place on the second Tuesday. We will only be awarding this from May through September. The Antlers’ Garden Club will no longer judge Christmas decorations. Ideally, we would like to keep the nominations inside or close to the Antlers’ City Limits. Each month, the winners will get their ‘Yard of the Month’ sign to proudly post, they get their picture in the paper and on our website / Facebook. To keep things fair, anyone who has already won the Yard of the Month in the past two years cannot win again.

If you know anyone who has a passion for gardening and lets it show in their yard, let us know! Even if you don’t know who they are and you catch yourself admiring their beautiful work, send us their address.

Nominations can be sent via email: info@pushcochamber.com or dropped off at our Office.


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